A Short History of Club Giraud, the Ursuline Academy, and the Southwest School of Art

To our namesake Francois Giraud, architect, we owe the lovely 1851 Ursuline Academy buildings.  The Club Giraud occupies the Academy’s original “dependencies” — its early kitchen, carriage sheds, music rooms and laundry.

To Francois Giraud, conservationist, we owe San Antonio’s first public park, San Pedro Springs. In 1852 he persuaded the city to set aside the plot of land around the Springs, making it the second public park in the United States, the first being in Boston.  His pioneer efforts preceded Olmstead’s plans for Central Park in New York by five years.

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About the Club

Hours of Operation
Lunch: M-F 11:30am - 2:00pm
Dinner: M-S beginning at 6:00pm
Sunday closed

Club Giraud is a Private Dining Club for Members Only and their invited guest.  The purpose of Club Giraud is to support and encourage the educational activities of the Southwest School of Art.




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